Tuesday, August 14, 2012

MP Woodsman

As you will come to find out I'm a bit of a knife collector.  I have been fascinated with edged tools for over 25 years.  It all started when I was barely 10 years old and my favorite uncle and I would spend weekends hitting garage sales.  We'd find knives of all kinds from junkers to collectables.  I didn't care, I was happy with whatever we found.  My uncle Cy was a WWII veteran and what I consider a true woodsman who spent decades living in the Alaskan bush with my aunt.  He could craft anything with his bare hands and a good knife.  My fondest childhood memories are their summer visits.  I still have boxes of old knives he and I would get at garage sales or ones he would bring down from Alaska.  We'd sit and clean the rust off and he'd teach me how to sharpen them.  There was a story behind each one it seemed.  I will never forget those days, never forget my uncle and rarely does a day pass where I'm not reminded of the times we had.  Miss you Uncle Cy....Semper Fi.

In my adult life my collecting of knives continues and like most little boys I can tell my two sons have the bug as well.  This is my latest aquisition.  It's called the Woodsman from maker Mathew Paul up in New York.  To date this is probably the finest blade I own.  It's a true work of art and a beast in the hand.  The handles are red oak, the steel is forged 3/16" 1095, 5 1/4" blade and brass hardware to finish it out.  Mathew Paul's work is second to none.  The sheath pictured is one of my creations.  My leather working skills are getting better and I have a new design for the Woodsman in the works.  For now it rides in this either on the belt or with a dangler.

You can learn more about MP Knives on his sub-forum at BCUSA:
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