Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fun with photo editing

Been playing around with some basic photo editing on the MacBook.

This year in South Texas the acorns are plentiful.  Limbs and branches on the oaks sag considerably due to the extra weight.  Years like this are called a "mast" year when there is such an abundance of crop.  There are a lot of theories of why one year can be so significantly different then another but currently there is no hard evidence or ways to predict which years will result in a mast year.

"Antiqued" and took the background out of focus on this picture of a cluster of acorns during a rain storm.  I like how you can see the water pooling on the leaf on the left...

Tweaked this picture as well.  This is a small primitive neck sheath I made from vegetable tanned leather and a piece of tanned animal hide of unknown origin.  The knife is an original Turley model 23 that I wrapped with jute twine to further the rustic look and functionality.

Have a few more random pictures I am working on...check back soon...thanks for looking.

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