Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A relaxing nap and some bannock made over the fire...

Got away for the afternoon and had the opportunity to for some relaxing woods-time. 
Weather was absolutely perfect!

Got out to my usual camp spot and with the fire going I laid out my coffee and bannock fixins…

With the water on the boil it was time to kick back and relax…

Also took some time to play with my new Scott Gossman Tusker.  This is a serious piece of steel…excellent craftsmanship.  Scott builds some serious hard-use knives.

Glamour shot!

Time for some bannock!  Basic recipe of flour, baking powder, water and i add a couple spoonfuls of sugar and a handful of dried cranberries.  In a buttered cast iron pan it came out delicious!

With a full stomach of warm bread and coffee I laid back to enjoy the peace and quiet…careful its easy to…drift…off….to…..sleep……ZZZZzzzzzzz..

After a nap I took a walk down to the river before packing up.  Needed to let my grill cool down and I wanted to snap a picture of the river landscape…

Thanks for coming along!!!

(one more bannock picture….because it was THAT GOOD!)

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